IoT flat rate revolution
“Pay once and forget”

monogoto leads the flat rate revolution with a new, unmatched offer that gives developers and OEMs a true peace of mind when shipping mobile based connected devices.

$10 lifetime (10 years) for 500MB.

With this offering OEM manufacturers can sell products that don’t need to connect to local WiFi and can still send events back to the cloud.

We are looking forward to seeing how the developer community will utilize our solutions to offer a revolutionizing products.

Programmable Cellular

monogoto’s Programmable Cellular platform enables companies to easily build IoT solutions and create new revenue streams. It’s a one stop shop for global IoT services, providing cellular connectivity, control & management, network-based security and lifetime remote SIM management.

With the rise of IoT and new mobile services, there is large and ever-increasing demand for an API-based, mobile core. monogoto lowers the barrier to entry and time-to-market for IoT solution providers by taking on the heavy lifting, and delivering a powerful platform above which integrators and partners are free to innovate.

Our team has more than 20 years of experience in building mobile networks, OTT Web services and API based platforms.

Console (1)

Powerful Console

You don’t need to be a telco expert! Our self service console designed for simplicity to allow easy onboarding for your things (SIM cards) to enable rapid deployments.

Our console provides full visibility and maximum network control which kept for mobile operator up until now.  

With its build in security layers,  you can create personal firewall for your things and isolate them from unrecognized IP addresses.

monogoto’s Programmable Cellular provides true elasticity, which means everyone works with the same UI/UX, no matter if you buy 1 or 100,000 SIMs.

Lifetime Smart SIM

Swap your profile remotely – without human touch. You no longer have to switch physical SIM cards when changing your mobile provider. Our embedded SIM management app allows you to remotely and securely modify the SIM identity from the cloud.

All type of SIM cards are supported: Classic (Standard, Micro, Nano), Industrial, Automotive, eSIM and eUICC

Providing global roaming connectivity, our platform solves multiple use cases for system integrators, IoT companies and the enterprise.


Advanced APIs

Using Programmable Cellular RESTful APIs enables you to scale with your existing apps and services. Representing all console commands, our rich APIs allow you to focus on your service development and be free to innovate.

IFTTT enabled for rapid prototyping and Web+Telco use cases.

Mobile Apps

With the mobile revolution, we have become a “mobile-first” world, where all IoT and connected devices should be managed and monitored through iOS or Android apps. The monogoto companion app eliminates the need for web portals and complicated APIs.  By using this app, you receive real-time notifications of events and abnormalities, get full access to usage statistics, and are able to enforce policies and security profiles.

use cases

Use Cases

The monogoto’s platform operates on a multi-tenant core in the AWS cloud. An on-premise solution for enterprise customers is also available.

Our solution fits a variety of use cases, such as:

  • System Integrators
  • IoT Developers
  • Chip Manufacturers
  • Smart Cities
  • Automotive Industry

For MNOs/MVNOs, monogoto offers a mobile core as a service, and allows the hosting of an IMSI range on our platform. We can also provide our mobile app, together with dedicated and branding. A full white label solution of our platform may be offered by MNOs/MVNO to their customers as a value-added, OTT (over the top) service.

Our Partners

To provide to most reliable and resilient IoT cellular connectivity solution,
we have form strategic relationships with the following key partners:


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